From help building college lists to comprehensive advising based on the student’s current grade in school, Katherine offers a wide variety of services related to undergraduate admissions, including workshops for larger groups and corporate clients.

Below you’ll find a full list of services and pricing options.

College Kick-off

If you’re just beginning the college process and are feeling a little lost, this two-meeting series is a great way to get started. During the first meeting, Katherine will outline the application process and timeline, leaving plenty of time for you to ask any and all questions you might have. She’ll also explore what you’re looking for in a college or university in order to build your college list!

At the second meeting, Katherine will present the list she’s created for you and outline her thoughts on admission to each school that’s included. You’ll leave this mini-advising series with a well-balanced and completely customized college list!


Comprehensive Advising

Looking for a long-term counseling relationship? Katherine can advise on everything from high-school class selection, extracurricular activities, resume building, and applying to summer programs! This year-long relationship is also ideally suited for high school seniors as you’ll have assistance completing an unlimited amount of college applications.

Prices are based on the student’s year in high school and are available upon request.

Hourly Advising

If you need just a little guidance, or help with one component of your college application (the personal essay or activities section, for example), this option is for you.

To give you an idea of timing, editing a personal essay generally takes Katherine two to three hours - a half hour to an hour for her to review the essay draft and suggest edits, an hour to meet with the student to go over the suggested changes, and then another half hour to an hour for her to review the second draft.


Katherine also offers hourly clients a package including ten hours for the price of nine.


Admissions Workshops

School groups, parent associations, and corporate workshops are Katherine’s speciality! Sessions are fully customizable and range from an overview of college admissions to a workshop where participants become admissions officers and evaluate applications.

Prices vary based on the type of session, length, and the number of participants and are available upon request.

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